The Art of Effective Media Interviews

"He's really helped with simplifying the messaging for GiftTRAP and helped me to prepare for radio and TV interviews. I'd thoroughly recommend George."

- Nick Kellet
entrepreneur, game inventor

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The Media Interview

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10/19/2017 3:16am
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10/18/2017 11:01am
Clara Portela (SMU): EU-ASEAN relations face new challenges

The EU has tried to impose its economic and regulatory power on Southeast Asia for years by promoting…

9/17/2017 8:02am

What is Media Coaching?

Media coaching is not about politicians learning to duck the tough questions.

Media coaching IS about learning to deliver your messages clearly and powerfully.

You want your audience to understand your message and you want them to act on it, whether that means going out and buying something or taking a new view on some issue. Media coaching is there to help you achieve your goals through better delivery of better messages, whether in the media or even in a simple conversation.

Sure, some of the techniques of media coaching can be used to try and evade questions, but in this day and age the ducks are seen more as quacks. The essence of media coaching is to help you put your best foot forward (as opposed to in your mouth) when talking to the media.

At Brave New Niche Media Coaching, we work with you, individually or through workshops, to improve skills such as developing key messages, speaking clearly and passionately, connecting with an audience, and responding quickly in a conversational setting. We have a range of services and a wealth of experience to offer, so call or email us today about your media coaching requirements.

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